Performance The Wolf Project will be presented in Kiev

“The Wolf Project” to be presented in Kyiv

Individual vs Power: who shall win?

Kyiv Molodoy theatre, 30 November, 2015, at 19.00.

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Kyiv Academic Molodoy theatre (19 Prorizna str.)


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Zelyonka Fest presents “The Wolf Project” – a performance by Roosna&Flak dance duet (Estonia & Norway).

The piece was created in 2013. It is based on Külli Roosna’s family history. On 25th of March, 1949, Külli’s grandmother was deported to Siberia together with tens of thousands of other Estonians. Many didn’t survive the journey. This is not a cleverly written fiction novel, but personal experiences of displaced people.

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“The Wolf Project” explores the themes of power and manipulation, the relationship between man and government, leader and follower.

How can an individual resist an absolute power without destroying her own values or herself in the process? What is a single life worth in the big scheme of things, when a seemingly noble goal is pursued?

Dancers’ interaction illustrates living under an oppressive regime: total control and, at the same time, attempts to resist and destroy the system.

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Gifted choreographers and dancers, participants of many European festivals, Külli Roosna (Estonia) and Kenneth Flak (Norway) have been collaborating since 2008. In their works they explore a wide range of themes, including ancient Viking mythology, contemporary internet culture and totalitarian regimes.

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