The festival of Contemporary dance theater Zelyonka FEST 2018 will be held from 16 to 22 April in the city of Kiev. The program of the festival has not finalized yet. Performers and directors working in the genre of contemporary dance, dance theater, physical theater and performance can take part in the festival. The maximum duration of the submitted works is 40 minutes.
Questions on participation in the festival can be asked by e-mail zelyonkafest (at)

ARTIL project 2018

ARTIL project 2018 (0)

ARTiL is a program for a new generation of young choreographers, created to provide them with practical and theoretical help in their first steps on the professional stage.
The choreographers selected to participate in the ARTIL program will be involved in the national cooperation project by the type of artistic incubator.
The project will include:
- work with the curator on the development of the choreographic part of the project;
- Media platform (Facebook, Zelyonka Fest), which will give an opportunity to present their artistic vision of the future of the project;
- public display of the project on its completion and discussion with the audience and professional experts of the program;
- selected choreographers will be given the opportunity to get advice from the designer on light, stage designer, playwrighter);
- professional technical support at the project completion stage;
- coaching from professional artists at the stage of project completion;
- the premier display of work on the "home scene" of one of the partners of the program;
- feedback from professionals of the dance scene;
- documentation and video recording of the performance;
- tour on the sites of the program partners;
- participation in the festival, which will bring together all the participants and creators of the program;
For whom is the program created?
The program invites young artists who decided to associate their professional life with the profession of a director / choreographer in the field of contemporary dance.
The ARTEL program is aimed at young artists who begin their professional career and work in the field of contemporary dance, physical theatre, performance . The program accepts applications from all artists who want to create a professional work. The program provides opportunities to acquaint the artist with various aspects of professional activity and give him the opportunity to gain valuable experience.
The project is designed by Association Contemporary Dance Platform in cooperation with Zelyonka Fest and TOTEM dance group.
Send questions concerning participation in the program to zelyonkafest(at)
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GO Green!

GO Green! (0)

Try to imagine a festival where no one appreciates anyone. And then imagine that you do not need to confirm the "high title" of contemporary choreographer and your reputation. And after that remember that nature made us all different and thanks to this difference we distinguish each other ...
by smell,
by voice,
by strange and sometimes incomprehensible habits,
by some idiosyncrasies,
by constant chatter or excessively modest taciturnity,
by conciseness,
by the ability to express an idea juicy and bright or ambiguous and enigmatic
Thanks to our individuality, we value, love and sometimes hate each other.
Imagine a dance floor where your personality is valued, whatever it is. 
This site will open in the framework of the festival of contemporary dance theater Zelyonka FEST in April 2018.
There is still a lot of time, as long as 5 months. But only until the end of February we are ready to accept your proposal and provide you with light, sound, stage, viewers and the people who respect your individuality.
We can not promise you that it will be cool, fun and gorgeous. But it will be exactly interesting and unpredictable. Because it seems to us that nothing can be more interesting than learning about other people by looking at their dance.
We are waiting for your proposals on zelyonkafest (at)
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ULTIMA VEZ workshop in Kiev

ULTIMA VEZ workshop in Kiev (0)

Teaching Ultima Vez vocabulary is all about the specificity of the creation process and the physical, energetic movement Wim Vandekeybus’ performances are known for.

This workshop by German Jauregui will be exploring themes from several Ultima Vez performances. Participants explore and confront Vandekeybus’ energetic vocabulary through floor work, partner- and contact work and movement as a ‘theatrical act’ rather than as a 'technique'. Participants will get familiarised with concepts like risk, trust, moving with necessity, instinct, self-protection, speed, fragility, softness, weakness, tension… 

The workshop is open to dancers with a good physical condition.

A short bio of German:

German Jauregui is a director, choreographer, dancer and pedagogue based in Brussels.

In 1998 he joined the company Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus and he participated in more than 10 shows and films. The last 2 years he was mainly working as the choreographic assistant and rehearsal director of the revival of "In Spite of Wishing and Wanting”.

In 2007 German Jauregui started to develop his own work with the creation of the solo "Isaac" premiered in the festival Trayectos, Zaragoza (ES), and the duet "Y del resto no se nada" created with Laura Aris premiered in the festival Dias de Danza, Barcelona. In 2009, he created "Sunset on Mars" which premiered at the Julidans festival in Amsterdam and in 2013 "Confession" which premiered at Tanzhaus-Zurich. In 2016 he created "Isaac y Diola" together with the choreographer Antia Diaz, which premiered at the D Festival at the Théâtre Marni in Brussels.

The workshops schedule: April 17 - 20, 11-14.00, 15-18.00


Photo Danny Willems.

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