GO Green!

GO Green!

Try to imagine a festival where no one appreciates anyone. And then imagine that you do not need to confirm the "high title" of contemporary choreographer and your reputation. And after that remember that nature made us all different and thanks to this difference we distinguish each other ...
by smell,
by voice,
by strange and sometimes incomprehensible habits,
by some idiosyncrasies,
by constant chatter or excessively modest taciturnity,
by conciseness,
by the ability to express an idea juicy and bright or ambiguous and enigmatic
Thanks to our individuality, we value, love and sometimes hate each other.
Imagine a dance floor where your personality is valued, whatever it is. 
This site will open in the framework of the festival of contemporary dance theater Zelyonka FEST in April 2018.
There is still a lot of time, as long as 5 months. But only until the end of February we are ready to accept your proposal and provide you with light, sound, stage, viewers and the people who respect your individuality.
We can not promise you that it will be cool, fun and gorgeous. But it will be exactly interesting and unpredictable. Because it seems to us that nothing can be more interesting than learning about other people by looking at their dance.
We are waiting for your proposals on zelyonkafest (at)