1. Performance: The Next One (Artil project / Ukraine)

Location: Dovzhenko - Centre, Stage 6 (Vasylkivska street, 1)

Time: 7 PM

Description: Magical, elegant and versatile performance that combines the softness of forms, movements, melodies and textures ... The fabric in it appears to be the main character - it claims to be present as a living person. This is a living matter in which the characters is immersed. It is a time that envelops, and as a reality, which dictates further actions. Three main characters and meters of tissue, like a deadly time, next to the incredible concentration of femininity and grace.

IMG 0140 Єлизаета Тищенко web

2. Performance: Overboard with Abortion (Artil project / Ukraine)

Description: An instant throw from a gorgeous red dress and vivid colors on the face to unnecessary words, touches and "excessive" pregnancies. Instant throw overboard.

The fabric, like a loop of pain from the experience, stretches for the young woman during the action, and, like fear, chokes her cellophane. But the girl still has the choice not to surrender, but to decide: whether to give the opportunity to come to live a new life, even if it is a memory of violence.

 MG 8913 web Олександр Долоо

3. Performance: Orthopadie or to Be.

Company: cie zeitSprung (Switzerland)

Description: Two bodies: one young and athletic, the other older and delicate. What happens when the personalities of two dancers of different generations meet on stage? What does this clash of a very physical and explosive movement language and one that is more quiet and sensitive (maybe even fragile), evoke? 

This piece reflects generation and dance styles but even more it is about the meeting of two people, considers the differences and uniqueness of the individual bodies – and finding a way of making them work together and come together.

The show presented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

orthopaedie or to be 04 1 1024x678

Entrance: 150 - 250 UAH BUY TICKETS




Performance: Somnium.

Time: 6 PM, 8 PM (twice)

Company: Pop Fabric (Netherlands)

Location: National Exhibition Centre (VDNG, Pavilion 13, 1, ACADEMICA GLUSHKOVA AVENUE)

Description: After several decades, we will probably be able to easily immerse ourselves in someone's subconscious and wander through it. But now we can only dream of it. Inspired by science fiction films and works by Murakami and Borges, the team of artists tried to reach the scale of the subconscious in a new, distinct language. Music, sound collages, light projections and contemporary dance will help viewers imagine what it can be.


Once inside the sphere, immersed in the world of electronic sound collages and video projections, at some point you will realize that this eclecticism is our subconscious. But are you really ready to meet her?

Entrance: 150 UAH BUY TICKETS