1. Performance: Annihilation

Company: Totem Dance Group (Ukraine)

Location: Dovzhenko - Centre, Stage 6 (Vasylkivska street, 1)

Time: 7 PM

Description: Annihilation is a purely scientific term, but in the context of dance when combined with contemporary art, it becomes an engine of performance, an irreversible process. One of the best dancers in Ukraine, Yaroslav Kaynar, in his solo moves to a special state in which he can perceive the most unexpected fluctuations of the outside world. At the time of the play, he turns into an artistic substance that responds to each impulse: sound, light, vibration. It's both fragile and graceful at the same time.

 HOT9258мАнастасія Олексенко

2. Performance: #woulddesire

Company: Dnipro Body Project (Ukraine)

Description: The life of each of us is the result of our own choice, or the rejection of it. Performance #woulddesire is inviting you to go outside and look into the eyes of unfriendly reality: restrictions, responsibilities, labels and stamps. This work was due to the fact that we feel the need and the strength to change society through modern art, starting from here and now. Participants of the association of independent artists Dnipro Body Project in this performance reveal the theme of coexistence in society. They talk about freedom of action and choice, because everything that happens to us is their consequence.

Entrance: 150 - 250 UAH BUY TICKETS


Performance: Somnium.

Time: 6 PM, 8 PM (twice)

Company: Pop Fabric (Netherlands)

Location: National Exhibition Centre (VDNG, Pavilion 13, 1, ACADEMICA GLUSHKOVA AVENUE)

somnium13 web

Description: After several decades, we will probably be able to easily immerse ourselves in someone's subconscious and wander through it. But now we can only dream of it. Inspired by science fiction films and works by Murakami and Borges, the team of artists tried to reach the scale of the subconscious in a new, distinct language. Music, sound collages, light projections and contemporary dance will help viewers imagine what it can be.


Once inside the sphere, immersed in the world of electronic sound collages and video projections, at some point you will realize that this eclecticism is our subconscious. But are you really ready to meet her?

Entrance: 150 UAH BUY TICKETS